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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial Audiofunnel before paying?

You can use the Audiofunnel for free in the Starter version. Once you go bigger and you’d like to get even more out of the tool you can choose the Business version, which by our experience will suit most needs. If you are looking for a fully customized experience take a look at our Enterprise solution. Learn more about pricing here.

What do I need to implement Audiofunnel?

Audiofunnel is easily integrated into your website, landing page or funnel builder. Once you’ve finished your onboarding you will receive a short code that you can insert into an HTML field. Learn more about integration here.

How many voices does Audiofunnel offer?

You can choose between 9 voices at this time (5 US and 4 UK). We are constantly upgrading our voices in quality and number.

Do you have any APIs available?

At this point in time you can integrate Audiofunnel using a script snippet. However, we are working on API solutions.

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