Personalisation - It's All About Your Customer


Personalization has become a marketing buzzword over decades, but the modern marketer knows that personalization is not just a complementary marketing tool. In fact, it’s asked by modern consumers and therefore is crucial to build user relationships, good customer experiences and sustainable long-term brand and business growth.

It’s all about your users

In today’s marketing world experiencing the shift to user-centricity and reciprocal relationships, personalization now is key to drive marketing success. It's all about tailoring content and user experiences to individuals based on their needs and interests. It can be infused on many levels along the funnel, e.g. advertising personalization, web or landing page personalization, product personalization or email personalization. Overall, putting each user first by implementing personalized items really pays off:

  • Personalization generally creates excitement and delightful user experiences by creating moments of exclusivity and proximity.
  • It therefore strengthens the involvement in content and services and raises content and services to a new level of relevance and credibility.
  • Personalization reduces frictions and barriers for users to get engaged improves the user flow
  • The personal interaction strengthens the emotional impact on the user and their engagement increases

As a result, personalization overall increases not only engagement, but conversion rates, average consumer spendings and retention rates.

It doesn't have to be time and resource consuming

The biggest practical bottleneck on personalization often seem to be the data collection and implementation of activities that can be time and resource consuming. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! No matter the size of your budget or company size, even small personalization items can already have a huge impact on your users’ engagement and your conversion rates. Simple and low-barrier personalization moments, so-called micro-commitments are what, at the end of the day, will make users keep us in their memory.

Audiofunnel can help you to personalize your content and get closer to your users. Start deploying personalized experiences right now with saying each visitors name and offering relevant content, tailored to personal choices with Audiofunnel.

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